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Is your diesel letting you down, or just getting you down?

Don’t dump it yet, there is hope... inject some life into your relationship by fitting Powershot ® :

  • Faster acceleration, smoothly delivered across the rev range
  • Improved engine response to make driving more pleasurable
  • Increased diesel mpg to ease your wallet
  • Auxiliary fuel system enhances your diesel instead of replacing it

Diesels and Propane

The idea of running a little propane through a diesel engine is not new. It has been used to great effect on constant load diesels for almost as long as the engine has existed. However, getting it to work properly on a normal road vehicle, which has such a wide range of operating requirements, has always been the problem.

At P. I. Fuel Systems we have overcome that challenge to bring you a safe and effective way of releasing the previously hidden potential of what is already an excellent combustion process.

How Powershot ® Works

By propagating the intake air with a small, carefully metered amount of LPG there is a significant increase in horsepower output, torque and also an improvement in mpg.

The propane basically acts as a catalyst, creating an environment in which all the diesel fuel injected can be burned, instead of the usual 80%. This provides a significant power increase.

Typical results with Powershot® give horsepower increases of 25-30%, torque increases of 15-20% and economy increases of 6-10mpg, depending on driving style and system setting.

There is also a reduction in particulate emissions due to more complete combustion.


Powershot® can be adjusted for performance or economy gains to suit each application.

It is best suited to turbo charged engines, as there is more spare oxygen to work with. However, it has produced respectable power increases and mileage gains on naturally aspirated diesel engines too.

Powershot® is suitable for any age of vehicle provided the engine and fuelling system are in a healthy condition.


The front end of the system is installed in the engine bay. A switch is mounted on or near the dashboard so the driver can activate and deactivate Powershot® as required. A small LPG tank is installed in the rear or underside and connected to the engine bay using pipework running underneath the vehicle.

Ideally, installation, testing and calibration to your vehicle and requirements takes 2 days.


The system only allows propane gas to flow when engine revs lift above idle. This acts as a safety feature, preventing propane input if the engine stalls or when it is switched off.

The fuel tanks, pipework, fillers and other components used are manufactured to LPGA-approved standards. This means they are high quality and enormously strong, the same as those used for Petrol/LPG conversions. A Powershot® installation is performed to the same high standard.

Performance Results


Horsepower graph, power at wheels


Torque graph, engine torque


Parts and labour warranty for all components fitted to the vehicle as part of the Powershot® installation. Warranty lasts one year from the date of installation and includes unlimited mileage.

For Further Details

Try the Powershot® Frequently Asked Questions page, request a quote for your vehicle, or contact us direct with your queries.

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