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LPG  Conversions

Whatever you spend on petrol every week, it is 40% more
than you need to be spending.

  • Free up your cash flow instantly by running on LPG
  • No hidden extras, avoid insurance premium hikes
  • Does not affect warranty for most vehicles
  • No appreciable change in driving performance
  • Great LPG availability in most parts of the UK
  • Converted vehicles can still use petrol if needed
  • Contribute to a cleaner, greener environment

Autogas means half price fuel every day

For most people, the biggest reason for converting is to save money. This table will give you an idea of the huge savings you can make, based on petrol at 75p per litre and LPG at 38p per litre:

  Annual Mileage
10,000 20,000 30,000
15 mpg £833 £1,667 £2,500
20 mpg £625 £1,250 £1,875
25 mpg £500 £1,000 £1,500
30 mpg £417 £833 £1,250
35 mpg £357 £714 £1,072

Prices correct as at December 2002 from BP, Petersfield.

Or, download this simple spreadsheet attachment to your computer for an exact calculation of savings for your vehicle.

Savings Chart Download

Simply add in the fuel prices in your area, check your relevant mpg and your annual mileage, and instantly see your weekly, monthly or yearly savings.

Free up your cash flow from the moment you convert

How long can you resist the temptation of half price fuel…and a vehicle modification that actually pays for itself over time?

Start saving now – contact us for a quote.

Cleaner, Greener

OK so it’s not your main reason, but saving money and also keeping a clear conscience? Now that is worth having!

To give you an idea of how using LPG helps reduce emissions, see the table below for a comparison:

LPG vs Petrol
75% less Carbon Monoxide
85% less Hydrocarbons
40% less Nitrogen Oxides
10% less Carbon Dioxide
87% less Ozone forming potential
LPG vs Diesel
90% less Particulates
90% less Nitrogen Oxides
60% less Carbon Monoxide
70% less Ozone forming potential

Interested in cleaner fuels in general? Find out more background.

Conversion Grants

You may be aware the government are supporting some LPG conversions through the Powershift Register.

Some newer vehicles may be eligible for a grant of up to 60% to help cover the cost of conversion.

Click here to check if your vehicle is one of the lucky ones eligible for a Powershift grant.

Future Pollution Taxes

Plans are progressing to limit access in polluted city centres to 'clean-engined’ vehicles, e.g. running on LPG. Others may be heavily taxed or excluded completely, especially in London.

Prepare for the inevitable by converting to LPG now.

Possible Reductions in Road Fund License

The government is considering proposals to encourage the use of 'clean' fuels by offering reductions to the Road Fund License fee. This would be based on individual levels of exhaust emissions. The cleaner the emissions, the lower the fee.

Another potential way to save with LPG – get in early.

Still Got Lots of Questions?

Click here for answers to the most commonly asked questions about LPG conversions: safety, insurance, tanks, where to buy LPG, etc…

If you think there is an important question we have not answered, please send it to us (mailto link) and we will reply as well as adding it to the site!

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