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At around 47p per litre, LPG (also called Autogas) is a cheap, low tax, cleaner fuel.

Petrol and Diesel engines can both use LPG, although in different ways.

Petrol Owners:

Whatever you spend on petrol every week, it is 40% more than you need to be spending.
  • Free up your cash flow instantly by running on LPG
  • No hidden extras, avoid insurance premium hikes
  • Does not affect warranty for most vehicles
  • No appreciable change in driving performance
  • Great LPG availability in most parts of the UK
  • Converted vehicles can still use petrol if needed
  • Contribute to a cleaner, greener environment

    Find out more about LPG Conversions.

    P. I. Fuel Systems Ltd. is an LPGA-Approved Installer.

Diesel Owners:

Disappointed with your diesel? Put your foot down and inject some life into your relationship.
  • Faster acceleration, smoothly delivered across the rev range
  • Improved engine response to make driving more pleasurable
  • Increased diesel mpg to ease your wallet
  • Auxiliary fuel system enhances your diesel instead of replacing it

    Find out how Powershot ® can bring your smile back.

    Powershot ® and it's logo device are trademarks of P. I. Fuelsystems Ltd. The system is patent pending.

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