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CrossJet™ Installation Guidelines

NB: Check the vehicles emissions and record the figures, you will need to check them later to confirm that the CrossJets T have not harmed the petrol running in any way.

Unbolt and raise fuel rail from manifold, with injectors still attached if possible.

Clean around injector holes, take care not to get any debris inside the manifold.

Clean the O ring seals on the injectors.

Screw the injectors from the LPG kit into the threaded holes in the CrossJets.

Place the supplied Viton O ring onto the CrossJet.

Lubricate the O ring seal on the CrossJet nozzle with petroleum jelly.

Place the CrossJets into the injector holes in the manifold.

(Other components removed for clarity)

Lubricate the O ring seals on the petrol injectors with petroleum jelly.

Place the petrol injectors into the CrossJets.

(Injector shown removed from the fuel rail for clarity)

Secure the fuel rail using either extended bolts, with lock-nuts to align the rail,

or fabricate small brackets.

NB: It is very important that the petrol injector and the CrossJet have the same centre line axis, adjust the mounting of the fuel rail until this is correct. There may be a negative effect on the petrol running if this is not done.

Attach gas feed pipes to the nozzles, and gas injector rails as normal.

When LPG system installation is complete check for air and fuel leaks.

Re-test petrol emissions and compare with pre installation figures, if the CrossJets are installed correctly there should be no change.

The CrossJet concept is patented and the word 'CrossJet'
is a Trade Mark of P I Fuel Systems Ltd.

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