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'Keeping it Clean' Extract from L P Gas Magazine August/September 2005

Chris Seaton of P. I. Fuel Systems Ltd. has developed CrossJet Nozzles™ as a way to get LPG into an engine without having to drill the manifold next to the petrol injectors.

Installers who drill and fit the injectors without removing the manifold risk up to a teaspoon of swarf ending up in the engine. The CrossJet Nozzles™ are fitted under the injectors, meaning that LPG goes into the engine in exactly the right place, i.e. where the petrol is injected, so calibration is as near perfect as possible, says Chris.

“They are still, to a degree, under development in so much as I can’t say which cars they will and won’t fit,” said Chris. “That information is going to take a while to compile. I have fitted them so far to Jaguar straight sixes and V12’s, Volvo 4 and 5 cylinders, Jeep 4.0 and 4.7s, Nissan Primera and a few Renaults, Citroens and Alfas”.

Early testing seems to prove that petrol running is unaffected and petrol emissions are within standards.


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